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Bareboat and Crewed Sailing Catamaran charters and Power Catamaran charters:

Phuket, Pattaya & Koh Samui, Malaysia, Burma/Myanmar, Andaman Islands

arrowPhuket Thailand

arrowPhuket Thailand

arrowPattaya/Samui Thailand

arrowLangkawi Malaysia

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The aim of this website is to make as much information available as possible for multihull charters in the South East Asia region.

The focus at the moment is on Thailand - Phuket, Pattaya and Koh Samui – Malaysia West Coast - Langkawi. We know our patch here and know the boats and the owners.  We do not intend listing boats we are not familiar with personally

Every boat listed the authors of the site have been on, every owner or management team of the vessels we represent are well know to the management and staff of

If there is a shortage of information on the site due to delayed updates or new information being uploaded to the site please email us as we do have much more information than you see listed. is a progressive website that has been in operation since August 9th 2003. Sometimes a little quiet with little to no updates and changes, a few bursts of energy along the way and a change of ownership and back to the original owners again.

Bareboat Catamarans owners are Faraway Yachting Charters Co. Ltd. Phuket. Faraway Yachting Charters is a newly formed Thailand Board of Investment Company with special privileges. These privileges are by way of Thailand government assistance to promote tourism in Thailand.

The owners of Faraway Yachting Charters Co. Ltd. have operated in the region since 1995 with various other business interests including charter, catamaran design, catamaran building, marine equipment supplies and agencies - many of which are still current. We have a wide spectrum of knowledge in the marine industry in Asia having had projects in Thailand, Malaysia and The Philippines and Australia.

We are big enough to provide a good service based on our combined knowledge.

We are a  small enough group to offer a personal service to customers.


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Sailing Award


Phuket is the region's best sailing destination. In a gala event in Hong Kong, Phuket was named the Asian Marine Capital of the Year in the Asia Boating Awards. Anyone who has ever been to see the natural wonders of the island and its surrounds aboard a yacht charter in Phuket would definately agree with the honour bestowed on Phuket. Phuket and surrounding  waters are certainly in a league of there own.

Phuket is set apart by its extensive variety of places to visit offering  to sailors a vast region to explore -- whether you're a recent arrival, renting a charter yacht or catamaran, or an old salt, there's always something new to find. Phuket's countless exotic tropical beaches and bays, from the nearby Racha Island to the more remote Similans and beyond to the virtually untouched Andaman Islands some 450NM to the west make it a must to visit. The unusual karsts in Phang Nga Bay a easy sail off Phuket's east coast, are a towering scenic marvel that have sparked the imaginations of many a movie maker.

The island's culture and history are equally interesting. Explorers have been sailing here for hundreds, even thousands, of years in search of fortune or a better life, from the Burmese invaders who were fended off by Phuket Island (then called Jung Ceylon) natives in 1785 to the Europeans and Chinese who flocked here in the 1800s tin mining heydays, to today's Hollywood stars seeking rest and a respite from the glare of paparazzi cameras. The island is host to a good number of round the world sailors who, after a lifetime of sea exploration, simply dropped anchor in Phuket and never leave. Glance out across the Andaman Sea and you'll see every kind of yacht imaginable, from traditional wood long-tail boats to technicolor fishing boats to catamarans to superyachts. Life can be as simple or as luxurious as you wish – that’s all part of Phuket's attraction.

Phuket's modern and high-class offerings give yacht enthusiasts everything they need both on and off shore. Its International-class marinas are chock full of services that cater to those who love life and the sea. Get everything you need from a yacht repair and refit to a five-star meal to a foot massage, all within a short distance from your mooring or marina berth.

A Bareboat Catamarans charter is the perfect opportunity to see why boating industry insiders named Phuket a top spot for sailing. Not only do we take you to the world's most beautiful sailing spots, but we take you there in style, offering our unique and attentive Phuket hospitality aboard a top-quality sailing yacht.

"Live in Your World Play in Ours"

"Arrive as a Guest leave as a Friend"